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Our references

For more than hundred years, we have been designing high-performance systems that are tailor-made to meet the requirements of our customers. More than 10,000 companies from a wide range of industries and countries rely on our consulting expertise and the quality of our products. This is how we help innovative start-ups, small businesses, medium-sized companies and global corporations to succeed.

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Autoclaves for the aviation industry

There are no standard systems in the aviation industry. Requirements are always specific and precisely tailored to the components that are produced in them - and with the highest accuracy, because faulty batches in this industry cost a fortune.

At Maschinenbau Scholz, we have been serving well-known aviation manufacturers for many years. One of our customers commissioned us with a custom-built autoclave for aircraft wings. The challenge was the precise temperature transfer to the component. Therefore, through elaborate computer simulation, we designed a vessel that ensures uniform temperature distribution - and that at the highest temperatures.

Flexible racing systems

It's not just cars that need to be fast, but also the associated plant. Because breakdowns or delays can mean that components for racing cars cannot be produced on time.


A customer in the racing industry asked us to design a flexible autoclave to be used for a wide variety of composite components. The autoclave had to be reliable and able to handle processes for several components - especially important as parts change continuously due to the rapid developments in racing. That's why we developed a system that still delivers precise performance even in extreme cases: with individual computer control, a wide variety of temperature curves and pressure for the flexible and punctual production of a wide range of components.

Partner for decades in the rubber industry

“ We focus on a long-term partnership with our customers. The basis is formed by process-precise systems with reliable quality, competent service and durability.


One of our customers from the rubber industry, specialising in drum rubber coating, recently proved how durable our systems are. He commissioned his first Maschinenbau Scholz system in 1940 - only after almost 80 years of reliable use he replaced it with a current model in 2020. Our experts focused specifically on the latest control technology, which enables precise, pinpoint operation of the autoclave.

Special glass from the laboratory plant

Often, the right process for manufacturing products has to be found first. One of our customers from the glass industry first had to test whether the autoclave process was the right one for his product.


For these cases, we offer a high-performance laboratory system at our plant in Coesfeld, which can flexibly run processes up to 20 bar operating pressure and 400 degrees operating temperature. Since different materials had to be laminated for the production of the special glass, the focus was above all on precise temperature pressure progression as well as exact heating and cooling. The customer was able to successfully produce the special glass in our laboratory plant, whereupon we produced our own autoclave with the appropriate specifications.


Our quality promise

Durable and customised products, flexible solutions and fair conditions - at Maschinenbau Scholz you get the complete package.


Reliable, powerful, durable - our plants are built to perform well over a long period of time.


Excellent quality is our claim - that's why we rely on certified processes and renowned inspection centers to do our job.

Our service

An important component of our service portfolio: competent advice and qualitative service.

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