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About Scholz

History of the company Maschinenbau Scholz

Maschinenbau Scholz looks back on more than 100 years of company and innovation history. For four generations now, we have been developing solutions for our customers from a wide range of industries. During this time, we have not only consolidated our position as the market leader in the field of plant and autoclave construction, but have also set global standards.


Company foundation and invention of the quick closing door

In the year 1919, Albert Scholz, a graduate engineer from Coesfeld, invented the quick closing door for pressure vessels - a pioneering development that is still part of Maschinenbau Scholz´s core business today.

[Translate to Englisch:] Ein Auto zieht im Gründungsjahr eine Autoklave


Extension of the production by autoclaves for curing building material and vulcanisation systems

After the Maschinenbau Scholz factory was largely destroyed during the First and Second World Wars, the production of autoclaves and quick closing doors resumed in 1945. It was quickly expanded to include the production of autoclaves for curing building material and vulcanisation systems.


Construction of the first systems for the aircraft industry

In the 1950s, the aircraft industry began to work with new materials - materials that specially had to be processed and laminated. Maschinenbau Scholz solved the challenge and developed the first hot air system for the aircraft industry, which contributed to a significant change in the industry. Thanks to the newly processed materials, aircraft became lighter and more stable.


Launch of the factory II

At the beginning of the 1970s, Maschinenbau Scholz expanded its production with another production site in Coesfeld.


Developments for racing

In the 80s, new technologies were needed to cope with the processing of innovative materials such as composites. Right at the beginning of this new era, Scholz established itself as a competent and reliable partner for this industry.


Takeover of the LAGARDE company

Lagarde has been part of the Scholz Group since 1983 and expanded its product portfolio to include sterilisation systems for the food industry.


Subsidiary LUBECA

With LUBECA, Maschinenbau Scholz specialised alongside LAGARDE in the development and manufacture of sterilisation autoclaves for the pharmaceutical and food industries.


New location

With the construction of a new production facility and a new administration building, Maschinenbau Scholz relocated the company headquarters within Coesfeld from the town centre to the outskirts of the town.

[Translate to Englisch:] Bild vom Firmensitz in Coesfeld


Expansion of the production

At the end of 2017, the production facility of Maschinenbau Scholz was expanded by the construction of a modern electric assembly. Since its construction the new building has been used for the construction of control cabinets.


The company

Since four generations we have been developing solutions for customers from various industries.


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