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Entwesungsautoklav der Firma Scholz Maschinenbau


CO2 pressure autoclaves

Pressure disinfestation is harmless to humans and the environment. Carbonic acid stops insect pests without leaving residues.
Contamination of food raw materials by insect pests and their larvae and eggs causes great damage. Pressure disinfestation with carbonic acid of raw materials for food (e.g. cereals, spices, almonds, nuts, dried vegetables and fruits, certain types of vegetables, seeds and oilseeds), pet food, tobacco, herbs, tea and medicinal drugs works 100% without poison.

Pressure disinfection cleans without leaving residues, is gentle on the product, and is toxicologically harmless and environmentally friendly. The high efficiency and rational handling improve work safety. CARVEX pressure disinfestation is officially tested.

Technical parameters

All pressure autoclaves can be individually designed in terms of pressure, diameter, and length and loading equipment to meet our customer's specific requirements.

33 - -1 bar
-10 - +50 °C
Diameter: DN2800
Cylindrical length: 13500 mm
Feeding length: 12500 mm


Advantages of CO2 pressure autoclaves

  • Compact construction
  • Quick-opening closure system for the shortest possible processes
  • Customised design
  • Proven and easy-to-maintain design for durability and reliability
  • Efficient process control for reduced operating costs and emissions
  • The sophisticated technology enables a fast and reliable installation
  • We are glad to assist with the installation and commissioning with our staff on site.

Certified quality

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Technical details

Entwesungsautoklav der Firma Scholz Maschinenbau

Quick closing door

Locking safety device

Pneumatic lid turning device

Pneumatic lid hinge

End switch "Cover on sealed surfac"


Fixed chair

Signal column

Realised projects of CO2 pressure autoclaves

Many producers rely on the quality of our CO2 pressure autoclaves. Here, you can find some examples of our realised projects.

CO2 pressure autoclave
  • Pressure: -1 bar - 33 bar
  • Temperature: -10 - +50°C
  • Diameter: DN2000
  • Cylindrical length: 13500 mm
  • Feeding length: 12500 mm
  • Volume: 44 m3

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