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Scrapper traps

Pipeline maintenance is precision work. To bring the pigs through a pipeline system, a high-precision insertion device is required. Whether cleaning or testing, the scrapper traps from Maschinenbau Scholz guarantee a technically perfect process.

A scrapper trap from Maschinenbau Scholz is a custom-made product. That is why we strive to fulfil every requirement of our customers down to the smallest detail. This also applies to services that are not explicitly listed in our product range. Talk to us. We will take care of your wishes. Pig traps for oil, gas and water pipelines as well as chemical pipelines with various closure options In addition, we supply Maschinenbau Scholz quick closing door for traps and filter separators.

Technical parameters

  • Material: P460QH; P460NH
  • Design: AD-2000; PED 2014/68/EU; OGE-/ Ruhrgas norms quick closing door 2-parts, flat cover, manual operation, door hinge
100 bar
-20 - +60 °C
Diameter: 600 mm


Advantages of scrapper traps

  • Quick opening / closing system for the shortest possible operating times
  • Customised design:
  • Adaptation to diameter, length, pressure, temperature, material and acceptance regulations possible

  • Modular construction
  • Completely pre-assembled for welding incl. weld seam preparation
  • Proven and easy-to-maintain design for durability and reliability
  • "Quick closing door-principle” proven for over 100 years
  • Special coating possible

Certified quality

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Technical details

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Realised projects of scrapper traps

Many manufacturers trust in the quality of our pig traps. Here you can find examples of our realised projects.

Scrapper trap DN700/600x5000 (left)
  • Pressure: 100 bar
  • Temperature: -20 - +60°C
  • Diameter: i. ø600
  • Material: P460QH, P460NH
  • Design: AD-2000; DGRL 2014/68/EU; OGE-/ Ruhrgas norms
  • Quick closing door: 2-parts, flat cover, manual operation, door hinge
Scrapper trap DN1000/900x7800 lang (right)
  • Pressure: 70 bar
  • Temperature: -20 - +60°C
  • Diameter: i. ø900
  • Material: P460QH, P460NH
  • Version: AD-2000; DGRL 2014/68/EU; OGE-/ Ruhrgas norms
  • Quick closing door: 2-parts, flat cover, manual operation, door hinge

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