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Process tanks / Storage tanks

Process tanks / storage tanks, sometimes also called compressed air tanks, are an integral part of all pressurisation equipment (compressor, nitrogen generator, etc.). They are used to store various gases before they enter the pipe system and/or the consumers. They thus serve as intermediate storage in order to compensate pressure fluctuations and optimise the operating efficiency of the pressurisation equipment. Process tanks / storage tanks also reduce the pressurisation and depressurisation cycles of the pressurisation system.

Technical parameters

  • Diameter: DN2800, DN1900, DN1600
  • Material:  P355NL1, 1.4301, P460NL1
  • Operation of the door: manually operated manhole closure
up to 48 bar
-80 - +50 °C
Volume: up to 150 m3
Cylind. length:
up to 20.000 mm


Advantages of process tanks

  • Compact construction
  • Customised design:
  • Proven and easy-to-maintain design for durability and reliability
  • The sophisticated technology enables fast and reliable installation
  • We are glad to assist with the installation and commissioning with our staff on site

Certified quality

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Technical details

Realised projects of process tanks

Many manufacturers trust in the quality of our storage tanks. Here you can find examples of our previous projects.

Storage tank for nitrogen
  • Pressure: 48 bar
  • Temperature: -40 - +50°C
  • Diameter: DN2800
  • Cylindrical length: 14000 mm
  • Volume: 92 m3
  • Material: P460NL1
  • Operation of the door:  manually operated manhole closure
Storage tank for carbonioxid
  • Pressure: 40 bar
  • Temperature: -80 - +50°C
  • Diameter: DN1900
  • Cylindrical length: 7350 mm
  • Volume: 22 m3
  • Material: 1.4311
Storage tank for carbonioxid
  • Pressure: 35 bar
  • Temperature: -80 - +50°C
  • Diamater: DN1600
  • Cylindrical length: 5140 mm
  • Volume: 11 m3
  • Material: 1.4301
Storage tank for compressed air
  • Pressure: 31 bar
  • Temperature: -20 - +50°C
  • Diameter: DN2800
  • Cylindrical length: 12500 mm
  • Volume: 80 m3
  • Material: P355NL1

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