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Autoclave for the aerospace industry

5.8 metres in diameter and over 7 metres long - new SCHOLZ autoclave for the aerospace industry

The fascination for space travel and engineering reaches new dimensions.

We proudly announce the completion of an exciting project for a pioneering space visionary. The customer's unique combination of start-up mentality, agility, speed and innovation with decades of experience and proven quality perfectly reflects Maschinenbau Scholz's philosophy - unconditional dedication to technical excellence.

As a renowned supplier of launch vehicle structures and a leader in selected satellite products in the emerging field of New Space, our customer embodies the quintessence of modern space travel. Producing ground-breaking products, the customer has a clear focus: to advance humanity and enable exploration of the universe and beyond.

At the centre of the joint project is an autoclave with a diameter of 5800 mm and a cylindrical length of around 7100 mm. This impressive vessel for the thermal treatment of fibre-reinforced components in the space industry is accompanied by an equally imposing air vessel that towers with a cylindrical height of almost 11 metres. The thermal treatment of these components is a crucial factor in space technology, where every detail must be perfected to ensure smooth processes.

For six decades, Maschinenbau Scholz has been an experienced partner in the development, planning and manufacture of state-of-the-art hot air systems and customised pressure vessel solutions that meet the highest demands of the modern aerospace industry. The installation of this autoclave marks a significant milestone not only for Maschinenbau Scholz's accomplished team, but equally for the customer's dedicated workforce. The autoclave became the centrepiece of a new production hall that is set to usher in a new era of space technology. But there was a formidable hurdle: The imposing 5.8 x 7.1 metre unit did not fit through the doors.

In an impressive act of teamwork and precision, the installation became a veritable spectacle. The delivery required the temporary closure of entire streets to accommodate the dimensions of the autoclave. But the real highlight came when the roof of the production hall was cleverly opened and the autoclave was lowered down by a crane with masterly precision. Everything went smoothly, a great success for the whole team.

We are thrilled to have been part of this momentous project.