A brilliant invention

Quick Closing Doors for pressure vessels

In the year 1919, Albert Scholz invented the Quick Closing Door for pressure vessels herewith initiating the winning course for this patented technique. 90 years of experience and the delivery of more than half million Quick Closing Doors worldwide represent the success and competence of SCHOLZ.

Individual solutions for every form of application can be realised for a large assortment of opening alternatives.

Every one of SCHOLZ’ Quick Closing Doors is a custom product. Hence, we take the greatest effort to fulfil all our customers’ requirements right down to the slightest detail. This also applies to services and performances which are not explicitly listed in our delivery program. Talk to us! We will take care of your requests.

Quick Closing Doors

calculation, construction and fabrication of Quick Closing Doors for pressure vessels


Quick Closing Doors equipped with all necessary safety devices according to the predefined pressure vessel guidelines and possible specifications


Construction and fabrication according to all European and international regulations

Quality Control System

Application of the most modern production facilities in connection with a proven system for the approval of the equipment through a notified body (e.g. TÜV, Lloyd’s etc.). All necessary tests can be carried out on-site. This guaranties high quality, proven product characteristics at the highest level of safety.

Mechanical equipment

Quick Closing Doors with manual, semi automatic and fully automatic opening mechanism. Available for horizontal and vertical vessels

Dimensions of the largest unit delivered up until now:

  • Diameter of up to 9,850 mm
  • Operational pressure of up to 300 bar

or other parameters and technical versions according to customer-specification.