SCHOLZ: around the world

Progress is our tradition

SCHOLZ – a name which has stood for mechanical engineering for more than 100 years and for the patent on Quick Closing Doors as well as for decades of experience in the manufacturing of autoclaves and units.


SCHOLZ also stands for continuous development, perfectionism and expansion around the world. The SCHOLZ-Group occupies 450 employees worldwide and has more than 30 representative agencies on all continents.


The fabrication of autoclaves with a diameter of up to 9.85m and the delivery of around 500,000 Quick Closing Doors worldwide underline the company’s global leadership on the market.

We aim to fulfil our customer’s requests however unusual they may be, from the aerospace and automotive industry over the glass and building materials industries right up to all related areas of autoclave technology. The company’s specialised know-how has grown step by step since 1919.


The result being: Today’s multiplex of competence for tomorrow’s unit manufacturing.

Unity is strength

The company SCHOLZ has developed a renowned reputation over more than 100 years of its company history. During this period of time strong partnerships have been established all with the same aim: to offer our customers even more firsthand performance and service.


In Numbers