You provide the idea, we provide the autoclave

Special made vessels according to customer-specification

The company SCHOLZ builds suitable vessels for the most differing industrial branches. 90 years of experience in the fabrication of autoclaves guarantee you a custom made product according to your specifications. Whether digesters for the paper industry or other special implementation, impregnators with automatically operated doors for the tobacco industry, filter tanks for the oil and gas industry, autoclaves for re-treading of truck tires or rectangular vessels for special implementation and processing tanks for UF6 homogenization: the manufacturing program of the company SCHOLZ’ respond totally to your individual requests. Here a few examples:

  • Disinfesting autoclaves
  • Dewaxing autoclaves
  • Filters
  • Air receivers
  • Vacuum chambers
  • Rotating autoclaves
  • Pressure vacuum chambers
  • Reclaiming autoclaves
  • Pressure equalization chambers
  • Impregnators for tobacco

Everyone of SCHOLZ’ special made vessels is produced according to the individual needs of our customers. Hence, we take the greatest effort to fulfil all our customers’ requirements right down to the slightest detail. This also applies to services and performances which are not explicitly listed in our delivery program. Talk to us! We will take care of your requests.


  • Calculation, construction and production according to all national and international pressure vessel codes and customer-specification
  • rectangular pressure vessels for special services
  • in-house inspections and tests
  • adaptation of the given specifications with technical regulations and subsequent implementation in design


Construction and fabrication according to all European and international regulations

Quality Control System

Application of the most modern production facilities in connection with a proven system for the approval of the equipment through a notified body (e.g. TÜV, Lloyd’s etc.). All necessary tests can be carried out on-site. This guaranties high quality, proven product characteristics at the highest level of safety.

The special made vessels can be produced in almost any requested diameter and length.

  • production possibilities of up to 6,500 mm in diameter
  • unit weight of up to 160 tons
  • vessels/tanks made of ferritic and austenitic steel approved for the fabrication of pressure vessels

or other parameters and technical versions according to customer-specification.