Success all along the line

CV lines for the insulation of cables with rubber and / or cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE)

True to the motto 'around the world', the company SCHOLZ offers the most innovative technology and specialised know-how worldwide. The demands for quality and dependability are high, especially in the production of cables. Due to the decades of experience we have made, we can ensure our customers individual solutions tailored to suit at any time.

From the vertical lines, over the catenary and horizontal lines right up to special designs: SCHOLZ provides the most modern programs for the highest demands. With deliveries of more than 300 CV lines for the production of low, medium and high voltage cables we belong to the leading manufactures in the cable industry.

Every one of SCHOLZ`s autoclaves for steam-cured building materials is custom built. Hence, we take the greatest effort to fulfil all our customers’ requirements right down to the slightest detail. This also applies to services and performances which are not explicitly listed in our delivery program. Talk to us! We will take care of your requests.


Vertical lines, catenary lines, horizontal lines, special designs, conversions


  • for low, medium and high voltage cables
  • electrical resistance heating for dry curing with short heating and cooling periods.
  • all parts which come in contact with the medium are made of stainless steel.
  • available in accordance with all national and international pressure vessel codes


splice boxes, pressurised reversing systems, electrical tube heating, non-contact sag controls, main sealing, lead-wire sealing, pressure control, water level control. Components can be delivered individually for the retrofitting of existing CV tubes


Construction and fabrication according to European and international regulations

Quality Control System

Application of the most modern production facilities in connection with a proven system for the approval of the equipment through a notified body (e.g. TÜV, Lloyd’s etc.). All necessary tests can be carried out on-site. This guaranties high quality, proven product characteristics at the highest level of safety.

Additional Equipment

Pressurised reversing vessels, reversing rings and pipe bends, systems for low pressure cross linkage with superheated steam, gas cooling circuits, nitrogen supply units, cable impregnators and drying vessels


for the determination of the necessary processing data


PA data check list in word-format can be downloaded for the retrofitting of existing steam CV tubes to gas curing (Link)

The CV lines can be delivered in all requested diameters and lengths. Here are the most popular diameters and common working pressures depending on the product.

Steam lines

max. working pressure: 25 bar // max. working temperature: 225 C

Gas lines

max. working pressure: 16 bar // max. working temperature: 450 C

Catenary line

Tube geometry: CCV

Vertical line

Tube geometry: VCV

Horizontal line

Tube geometry: HCV (Für Dampf)

The longest tube as yet to be delivered had a length of 300 metres.